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The historic Mark Twain Hotel is on West Gray Street, facing Wisner Park in the heart of Downtown Elmira. She's a grand old lady, a holdover from Queen City days, after the glory days of Elmira the canal town, yet during a time it was known as a profitable stop along the Vaudeville route that snaked up to Buffalo.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Welcome to the Mark Twain Hotel Museum

Welcome, dear Hometown Tourist. If you're arriving from "Walking Tours" or "Pat's Pond." you may have been expecting this site for some time. I've been hinting since I started blogging that I would tour the Hotel Museum.

This is the perfect stop for a rainy day. There are some eateries nearby and all my downtown walking tours start two doors down, at the Community Bookstore. Most days there is plenty of parking, although the Wisner Park Farmer's Market clogs things a bit Thursday mornings in the summer. You can always pay to park at the adjacent garage, but, hey, you're here for a walking tour. Check out my other sites and connect-the-dots, so to speak, on your way over.

Scroll down and let's get started. By the way, I tried not to use a flash, due to the display case glass. These snapshots do not do the place justice; the lighting is much better to the naked eye. My visits were cheerful and pleasant, with people strolling through and exchanging friendly greetings with me. It's a nice community.

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Update Thursday July 7, 2005. Spoke with the curator today. Mr. George Farr, another one of us lovely locals, is actually a local historian. And has tons of sites we can visit. You, my Hometown Tourist, may start here at Mark Twain Properties! And this site will take you all over town and then some. Just start following the links. This guy does some serious blogging, although I don't think he considered all those sites blogs. To be truthful, many are commercial sites, but they still have some wonderful photography. More links later.

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Blogger Shushan said...

thanks for the virtual tour!

Which of Twain's books is your favorite? Currently, I'd probably plump for "Innocents Abroad"

Susan :)

1:12 AM  

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