Mark Twain Hotel Museum

The historic Mark Twain Hotel is on West Gray Street, facing Wisner Park in the heart of Downtown Elmira. She's a grand old lady, a holdover from Queen City days, after the glory days of Elmira the canal town, yet during a time it was known as a profitable stop along the Vaudeville route that snaked up to Buffalo.

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In the days before we were the River Dog and the River Hag.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Two seats and a table across from this mural formed the setting for my morning with Louis. He's a local resident and an absolute walking encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century. We had a lovely talk that ranged from local interests, the wars, Entertainment and its personalities, the physical and the familial. The Mark Twain is lucky to have him; he's quite a guy. Posted by Picasa


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